First crazy quilt by Andama Dujon

A couple of years ago I made a king size heritage quilt and here are some of the photos.

One of the interesting things about the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes is that we make only vinatge and unusual crafts which makes us the place to come when checking out the different.

We are originally creative and - Read More

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Winter view

We are one month into winter and have had snow once which was lovely, but I wanted to share what most of my mornings are like when I am opening the shop and this is a photo of the park across the road. I think it's beautiful

 click photos to enlarge



 Life at REBORN - Read More

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Winter warmth

For those who do not know, I rescue older dogs and here is a photo of two of my old girls keeping warm on a heated throw on the couch. I do not know what many of my dogs lives were like before they came to me but I know I make sure this part - Read More

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Crazy quilting week 2

Week two and this one turned into a weekend work shop as I had so much planned that it actually took two days instead of one to get through it all and it was FANTASTIC.

The crazy layered quilting classes take a lot of space so I only ever work with two students at any one - Read More

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Crazy Quilt classes

Andama Dujon has started crazy quilt classes at the Knick knackery in Glen Innes.

These quilts are amazing and Andama is pretty sure she is the only one teaching this kind of quilt making.


Feel free to follow the work of her students who are beginning their journey making coloured quilts using recycled fabrics and linen plus - Read More

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Knick Knackery Glen Innes June 2019

The Knick Knackery in Glen Innes continues to grow and change every day and is now very  popular with tourists visiting the highlands. We sell the very unusual and the norm and all of it is affordable. We do trend the different and do not stock what other stores do which is one of the - Read More

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Opal is a beautiful rescue however she will not let me cut her nails so I now take her to a groomer who tells me Opal loves the wash and blow dry but not so keen on the nail cliup lol I am hoping she will get used it it.


Anyway how gorgeous does she look  - Read More

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Knick Knackery in the top 10

The Knick Knackery has been listed in the top 10 best things to do when in Glen Innes and was at the top of the list so how fantastic is that. There are very few shops open in town on the weekends other than the Knick Knackery which opens from 10-4 every weekend  and we - Read More

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Winter markets

Well the mobile markets are now actually mobile and last week there were two of traveling but next month there will be four of us wahooo.

 I had a lovely time camping in my van then doing the markets in a couple of gorgeous towns in NS.

Stayed at Narrabri the first night then did their markets - Read More

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My bird is on the move


I am away for a couple of days soon and my bird does not like being left at home PLUS he hates everyone except me so he will be traveling with me in his smaller cage and he can roam the camper when I park up. I -

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