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Okay I conceed that Ebay listing for reborn dolls are for those who do not want to spend much money and for artists who dont know what they are doing. There is in fact very few reborns for sale as most of the 12,000 listing were for mass produced dolls made in China and of - Read More

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The fact is the term reborn doll is being thrown around the internet a bit like confetti at a wedding.
Reborn dolls are not mass produced nor are they made in China or factories anywhere in the world. You will only find one of - Read More

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Glen eggs

the  GLEN INNES MARKETS has eggs this SATURDAY 23rd Febuary


Fresh eggs 

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Reborn Dolls Australia

REBORN DOLLS AUSTRALIA , THE BABY MAKER Andama Dujon are now listing Reborns for sale at the  KNICK KNACKERY in Glen Innes.


These baby dolls are all hand made, they are life size , life like and are all one of a kind. Andama Dujon is a master artist in her field and makes babies for - Read More

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Show day markets

GLEN INNES MARKETS  on show day sunday were as usual a fantastic hit but in reality there are no markets like the  GLEN INNES CART MARKETS


SATURDAY  one week and SUNDAY the next so when in Glen Innes call in and say Hi 



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Babies back in store

Well we once again we have BABIES FOR SALE  at  the KNICK KNACKERY  and the GLEN INNES MARKETS .


These gorgeous Babies are all one of a kind, they are hand made by Local artist Andama Dujon and are life size as well as life like.


We will also be loading our new FAIRIES OF THE - Read More

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Travel bags

Once again the organised me has appeared and I have been busy making the carry bags I use when I travel.

 I have them for my swimming gear, my shoes and some other things  and teatowels are the perfect size for these bags lol



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My Nomadic life

Once again the nomad in me is coming back to the surface  however this time I am a gray Nomad lol and I am getting prepared for my new road trips.

I am one of those really organised people when it comes to campervan life which is a bit sad while still being smart but lets - Read More

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More honey

Well our honey stocks are now full and we have a lovely range of pure  local PURE WILD HONEY at the most affordable prices in town


You can purchanCe the honey at the KNICK KNACKERY  in Glen Innes or the GLEN INNES MARKETS 




 1 kilo $8

 3 Kilo $25

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Glen Innes Markets 9th Feb 2019

Wow the GLEN INNES MARKETS  keeps gettting bigger and better every week with 14 Merchants now selling their wares. There are no markets like the  GLEN INNES CART MARKETS  so when on the great dividing range visit the GLEN INNES MARKETS  which are outside the KNICK KNACKERY and opposite the historic railway station
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